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Boys are messy

Me: “Jack, you made a giant mess.”
Jack: “No, I made a fort.”
Me: “No, that’s a mess.”
Jack: “It’s a fort mess. Help I can’t get out!”

Luke happily played with all the toys that suddenly appeared in front of him. Oh these boys are a mess but I love them so!


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I’m Sorry Mommy

Jack’s new favorite thing to say:

I’m sorry, Mommy

As in, “Jack, put your toys away.” “I can’t. I’m playing. I’m sorry, Mommy.”

As in, “Jack, that’s not a toy.” “Yes it is. I’m sorry Mommy, but it is.”

It’s a little sarcastic, a little mocking, although I know he doesn’t at all mean it to be. But, hello, who is this teenager in my 3 year-old’s body?! It’s actually kind of hilarious, but really?! Is he growing up this fast? And where does he get these things. Probably from me. I often tell him sorry when I’m telling him no, as if that will make it easier to hear.

But darn it, he says the cutest things! Tonight, I set some cookie dough out to thaw. I told Jack I wanted to make cookies and asked if he wanted to help me make them, or just help me eat them. In his excited little voice he said, “I want to help you eat the cookies, and I can help you cook them.” Sweet boy. While we were dishing out the cookie dough, he was standing on a step stool. He was frustrated that he wasn’t as tall as he wanted with the stool. He said, “I can’t get taller. I’m sorry Mommy, but I’m short, not tall.”

Oh what a sweet, wonderful, amazing little boy. I’m am so thankful every single day that I get to be his mom and share my days with him. He makes life so much more fun!

My “big” little boy posing with some Thunder Girls;


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Luke- 13 months

Luke is 13 months! At his 1 year check up, he was pretty much off the charts big:
28.1 lbs (96th percentile), 32” long (95th percentile) and his head is 100th percentile (59 cm). All-around a big boy! At the doctor yesterday, he weighed in at 28 lb 12 oz!

He is round and chubby, and I love it. He still has those big cheeks, and these huge, round blue eyes. He is so beautiful. Luke is kind of a quiet little guy, but he is extra curious and always getting into something. Here are some things about Luke at age one.

Walking- Luke started cruising, then taking a couple of steps at the beginning of July. He got braver, then around the weekend of the 20th, he just took off. He tottles around everywhere now, with his big belly and little chubby legs going as fast as they can. He’s really quite adorable.

Clapping- he loves to clap for himself, and loves it even more when we all say YAY. He smiles big and claps some more.

Peek-a-Boo- he has recently had a lot of fun playing peek-a-boo. He likes to cover his face with his bib at dinner, and peeks out and laughs when we say boo. He also likes to hide behind the shirts in the closet and pop out when we say “where’s Luke?” It’s a very fun game, and I love to hear his little laugh.

Electronics- Luke loves electronics. He really loves to turn the TV, Xbox and DVR box off and on. It drives Chris crazy, and Jack gets really mad when Luke turns off his show. He says, “Hey, Luke! Why you do that to my show?!”

Hi and Bye-Bye- he says hi when he sees you, and finally waves and says bye-bye when leaving. After weeks of me telling him to say bye bye to his teacher each day, he has finally started doing it on his own as soon as I pick him up. Again, adorable.

Eating- Luke loves to eat! He tries almost anything, and usually likes it. He loves feeding himself, and is very interested in utensils. He says, muh muh muh when he wants more. If he doesn’t like it or decides he is full, he throws it over the side of his chair for Mippy.

Teeth- he has so many teeth that I can’t even count them anymore. Last count I got was 10, but I know he has at least 1 more coming in right now. He has a mouth full, especially those big back molars.

Sleep- Luke has always been a good sleeper, and thankfully, he still is! More and more, I’ve been laying him down when he is still a little awake, and for the most part, he puts himself to sleep. Such a better sleeper than Jack ever was/is!

Talking- he babbles a lot, but can say quite a few things, although I don’t think anyone other than us knows it! He says hi, bye bye, cup, du (dog), ball, da or dada, mama and muh (more). He is very good at repeating sounds when asked, so I think very shortly his vocabulary is really going to take off.

Personality- Luke is more of a reserved baby than Jack was. He is very sweet, but really doesn’t like to cuddle. He does like to smile at strangers, and he sticks his arm up and out and waves like a politician. It is hilarious, and never fails to elicit smiles and remarks when we are out and about. He is rather restless, so our errands must be fairly short and planned, and eating out is pretty much out of the question between the two kids. Luke is a little impatient, and if you don’t do what he wants, exactly when he wants, he starts crying. He loves to play out back in the kiddie pool, and especially likes it when I pull the silde up to it and help him slide down. He can’t get back up the slide fast enough.

Play- Luke loves to play, especially with Jack’s toys. Luke likes balls- his ball popper is his favorite toy, and he likes the toy where he hammers balls into the holes. He also likes music- he dances when he hears it. He likes to play with our little toy instruments- drum, xylophone and kitty piano. He especially likes to get the mike and “sing”. Jack is very good about sharing, and often hands Luke a superhero figure or car to play with. Poor Luke- he plays more often with Light Sabers or action figures than he does age-appropriate, educational toys.

Luke is a really great baby, and I can’t believe he is already 1. Time is flying by so fast. I am really enjoying watching him grow and learn, and I love watching Luke and Jack interact. Jack says, “that’s my brother. Hi, brother!” He is a big fan of Luke, and Luke usually likes Jack, until he pushes him down, or won’t share. Ahhh, brothers.

Happy first year, Luke Harrison! We love you so much, and appreciate the joy you bring us every single day!


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Mommy Princess

I don’t wear skirts often, but Monday’s triple-digit high temperature prompted me to pull one out of the back of the closet. Right after I put on a twirly, pink, flowery skirt, ruffled white tank and pink cardigan, Jack came bopping into our room. He stopped, looked at me and said, “Oh, you’re so cute.” As if that weren’t sweet enough, he grabbed the hem of my skirt and said, “You’re a princess. Mommy, you’re a princess.” Such a little thing, but I felt like a million bucks. I love my super sweet boy. He then pretended to shoot me, handed me a gun, and we had a shootout. He may be sweet but he is such a boy!

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Sweet Boy Jack

On my way to pick up the boys from school yesterday, I stopped at OnCue to buy a lottery ticket (darn, I didn’t win), so I got a drink for Jack. It was waiting for him in the cup holder of his car seat. On the way out the the car, he was telling me about the rain, so when I opened the door, he stopped and said, “Wow! A drink!  Thank you Momma!”

I’m so proud of the sweet, polite, courteous boy we are raising. I love that he recognized the drink was a special treat, and he thanked me for it (without any prompting!).

As I buckled him in, he said “I’m so happy.”  Who knew a little bit of Gatorade from the gas station could make a boy so happy? And his momma, too.

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Jack currently loves Cars, super heroes and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. The last one is a new thing over the past couple of weeks. I love Jack because he still seems to think the characters on TV can hear him. He always says hi and bye to Mickey, and he screams out the Mouskatools answers. And when he yells “oh tootles!” it’s just about the cutest thing ever. Even cuter is when he stands up at the end and does the Hot Dog Dance while singing “hot dog, hot dog, hot dog, hot dog”. Really, he is adorable.

Tonight he said, “mama, say it with me. Meeska mooska Mickey Mouse” while raising his arms up, just like Mickey. He is so observant and has a really great memory. He is just an amazing little dude!


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Body Parts

The best part of my day actually happened twice. I took the boys to school this morning, then picked them up after work.  During both car rides, Jack sang along to our favorite children’s CD, Spaghetti Eddie! His favorite song is “Body Parts”.  He can sing the chorus, and loves to move his body parts  like the song says.  He is so darn cute.

If you’re looking for some great children’s music that won’t make your want to rip your ears off, check out Spaghetti Eddie.  Awesome music you and your kids will love!

Spaghetti Eddie makes me think of our friends, the Schmidts. These guys are some of our great friends, and they have 2 little kids that Jack absolutely adores. Their daughter, Vivienne, celebrated her 3rd birthday over the weekend. We were the very last to leave because Jack was having so much fun playing with Grant and Viv. They ran around and played like crazy, and Luke loved rolling around the floor with the big kids and hundreds of toys.

I’m thankful for friends like these, who let you overstay your welcome by a couple of hours, just because your kids are having so much fun (and because you’re enjoying the company).We had to carry Jack out, kicking and screaming, because he wanted to stay with “Gwant and Be-yen.” Paired with some great family time with my mom and grandparents, and Chris building almost all the remaining Ikea pieces, it was a pretty great weekend.  I really don’t know who came up with 5 days of work and 2 days off, but I think it’s so unbalanced!  We always need more weekend.

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February is halfway over and I still think it’s January. At least I get 2012 correct- I’m just in the wrong month.

I left Luke laying on the bed with Jack while I ran in the other room.  When I came back, Jack was laying on his stomach, watching videos on the iPhone, with Luke right next to him. Luke had started to fuss, and I caught Jack saying (as he barely looked up from the iPhone) “it’s ok, Wukie.” and leaned over to give him a kiss. Then he did it a second time! I love what I catch them do when they think I’m not watching.

Also today, Jack got to be part of a small group of children who got to hang out with Elmo! They did a cool Elmo craft, had some juice and cookies, and got lots of hugs and high fives from Elmo. Jack had a blast and is still talking about it. I can’t wait to take him to Sesame Street Live next month!

Elmo's World!

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Photo Update

Some random shots from my iPhone!  Chris is probably dying at the lack of quality in these photos, but I don’t have time to pull out a big, fancy camera on these kids. I have to act fast, and my iPhone is the fastest thing.

We got a couple of inches of snow overnight. Jack LOVED it. He stood in the backyard and said, “Mama, come on in the snow. It be fun.” How can you turn that down? We had fun throwing snowballs. Unfortunately, it melted by lunch.

Jack- snow bird

Jack and I made robot valentines for his class party over the weekend. Jack glued the eyes on and ate lots of candy. I love crafting, and love it even more that he is old enough to be part of it now.  I thought they were cute- I put little tags on that said, I like you a BOT.”  Thanks, Pinterest!

Robot Valentines

Here’s Luke, just being cute, like usual.


Jack and I made a cake tonight. He had fun helping me pour everything into the bowl and stir.  Such a good little helper! I love teaching him things, and how proud he is when he does something. He “helped” crack an egg and beamed, “I did it!!!” I’m so in love with this kid.

His favorite part- licking the spoon!

This is my favorite. Luke got this little sports station as a baby shower gift. Jack spied it in Luke’s closet and begged me to get it out. Luke can actually do some of the activities on it now, so I set it up. Jack seems to think it is his. He is obsessed with the basketball. He drops the ball in and says, “I did it!!” and if you ask him to give Luke a ball, he says, “no, Luke wants the bat. Here Luke, play baseball.” I just love watching them play together, and how Luke just watches him, completely enamored. I love these boys!!

Brothers at Play

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Catching Up

What happened to my one sentence a day?! I started off so good…but then, like always, life happened.  We’ve been having so much fun lately that I can’t be bothered to write about it! 🙂

Really, Chris and I have just been trying to fix up our house- redecorating, decluttering, making a playroom for the boys, etc.  Do you know how hard that is with a precocious little 2 year-old who wants to “help” all the time?  We have lots of things that still need finished and hopefully we’ll get it all done before summer hits.

Luke will be 8 months at the end of the month.  He has 2 bottom teeth coming through now.  He’s been a little slow to sit up, but we’ve been working on it and  even just in the past couple of days, he has been doing great. He loves yogurt melts, puffs, and baby food. He frequently tries to steal food and toys from Jack, which does not go over too well. He weighs 23 lb, 10 oz and I am in love with his big round head and his chubby baby thighs. If only chubby thighs and bellies were still cute when you get older.  If only…

Sweet Baby Luke

Jack is hilarious! Somedays, the conversations I have with him are funnier than some I have with adults! He tells me the funniest, most random things- like today, “robots not scary.” Or when we drive past a pine tree and he says, “oh, pinecones. I eat pinecones.” and pretends to grab one and eat it. He is growing into such an amazing little boy, and I like to think we have a lot to do with that, but maybe we just got a good one.

Jack was so happy about his cotton candy!

That’s our little family and what’s been going on with us.  I’m so proud of us (that sounds so weird, but proud of my family is what I mean). It’s tough sometimes, but we sure do have fun and have lots of love in our house.

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