Posted by: mccordalliance | February 11, 2013

Goldfish Valentines

I love making things and Pinterest has given me so many ideas! I have an entire board devoted to Valentine’s Day, so I was slightly disappointed when Jack insisted on store-bought Ninja Turtle sticker valentines for his friends. But, Luke is too little to care so I made his little friends something cute.

All one-year olds I know love Goldfish so I love to use those for treats and parties. I saw several ideas online, but then I saw these little Valentine packs of Goldfish at Target. They even came in our favorite flavor, vanilla cupcake, so I bought them weeks ago. I love that they are wrapped because I wondered if other moms would be freaked out if I had just opened a bag of crackers and divvied them up into cello bags. Am I the only one that puts this much thought into the simplest things? Seriously, I take way too long to make decisions!

I designed these bag toppers using some freebies from A Cherry on Top and Persnickety Prints. Our printer is still out of ink so I sent them to Kinko’s (sorry, but I will always call it that) to print on card stock, cut out and stapled on top of the bag.

Luckily, it was a big bag of Goldfish and there are extras because the boys have already gotten into them and can’t stop eating them! Ok, me either. Those vanilla cupcake ones are so addictive!



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