Posted by: mccordalliance | November 18, 2012


Jack was really excited about Halloween this year. This was the first year he told us what he wanted to be. It changed daily- a Power Ranger, a Transformer, a superhero…but when it was time to pick one, he chose the gold ranger, Antonio. I guessed this was the last year I would get to pick Luke’s costume so he was an owl. A ridiculously cute, fluffy owl.

Jack was a fantastic trick-or-treater. He identified himself (“I’m Antonio! I’m the gold ranger!), and the rest of our group (“that’s my cousin Eli- he’s the green ranger. And that’s my mommy, and my daddy, and that’s my brother..”). He only took one piece (unless he was offered more), he was polite (thank you!) and he really wanted to know his hosts (“is this your house? What’s your name? Who are you? Is that your dog?”). It took quite a while at each house, with Jack and all his questions, so after about a dozen or so houses, he was pretty done.

Jack had so much fun dressing as one of his favorite characters, and walking around his cousin Eli’s neighborhood. I love Halloween and seeing all the cute costumes. My boys were definitely the cutest!





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