Posted by: mccordalliance | November 18, 2012

16 months {Luke}

Luke is 16 months old. At his 15 mo checkup, he was in the 100th percentile across the board- he’s a giant baby! 29.2 lbs and 34.5″ long. More to love!

He runs/walks all over the place. I have lost at least 5 lbs since he started walking this summer and I still can’t keep up with him. He loves to get into the pantry- he often brings me boxes of muffin mixes, oatmeal and the bottle of syrup. Maybe he wants to bake, or maybe he’s just curious.

He has recently started climbing on the couch. He thinks he is so big, and just laughs and laughs. I’m a wreck about it because I’m terrified he will fall off! I can’t leave him alone in the living room because he climbs. And gets really mad when I tell him no or try to redirect. He has started throwing tantrums- like sit on the floor, kick his feet, scream tantrums- I thought we had a little more time before this started!

He loves to go outside. Actually, he can open doors so we have to keep them locked all the time. He gets really mad when they are locked and he can’t escape! He loves to go in the backyard and jump on the little trampoline, get in the Cozy Coupe, climb the slide or swing. Lately, he’s been watching jack hit the baseball, so he has started putting the ball on the tee and hitting it. Pretty smart of him and pretty cute.

He still babbles quite a bit but he has some words:
Guitar (amazing, I know)
Bye bye
Night night
Wuh wuh (our term for pacifier)
Oh toodles (too much Mickey Mouse Clubhouse!)
If you say 1, he says 2, you say 3, he says 4.

Luke is a dancing fool. As soon as he hears music, he waves his hand up and down, like a conductor. Then he starts bending at the knees. Then his head starts bobbing. He has so moves. He also frequently dances, even when there is no music.

He loves Elmo, iPhones, Yo Gabba Gabba, balls, books, music, Mippy (our dog), banging on things and pressing buttons.

He loves jack and has his own way of saying Jack- kind if like (Jah) but he says it the same way everytime. Lately, they have really started to interact with each other and i absolutely love watching them play. I still hope they will be best friends.

Luke (clearly) loves to eat and knows exactly what he wants. He knows where most snacks and foods are stored and he points and whines. As soon as you pull the right choice out, he smiles and runs to the table. He can communicate very well for someone with such a limited vocabulary.

He continues to brighten our days, as he is totally charming and adorable. We love Baby Luke!

PS- I wrote this when he was 15 months and never posted so I updated it. It is amazing how much he changed in just a month- more words, more tricks and more favorite things.



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