Posted by: mccordalliance | August 10, 2012

Luke- 13 months

Luke is 13 months! At his 1 year check up, he was pretty much off the charts big:
28.1 lbs (96th percentile), 32” long (95th percentile) and his head is 100th percentile (59 cm). All-around a big boy! At the doctor yesterday, he weighed in at 28 lb 12 oz!

He is round and chubby, and I love it. He still has those big cheeks, and these huge, round blue eyes. He is so beautiful. Luke is kind of a quiet little guy, but he is extra curious and always getting into something. Here are some things about Luke at age one.

Walking- Luke started cruising, then taking a couple of steps at the beginning of July. He got braver, then around the weekend of the 20th, he just took off. He tottles around everywhere now, with his big belly and little chubby legs going as fast as they can. He’s really quite adorable.

Clapping- he loves to clap for himself, and loves it even more when we all say YAY. He smiles big and claps some more.

Peek-a-Boo- he has recently had a lot of fun playing peek-a-boo. He likes to cover his face with his bib at dinner, and peeks out and laughs when we say boo. He also likes to hide behind the shirts in the closet and pop out when we say “where’s Luke?” It’s a very fun game, and I love to hear his little laugh.

Electronics- Luke loves electronics. He really loves to turn the TV, Xbox and DVR box off and on. It drives Chris crazy, and Jack gets really mad when Luke turns off his show. He says, “Hey, Luke! Why you do that to my show?!”

Hi and Bye-Bye- he says hi when he sees you, and finally waves and says bye-bye when leaving. After weeks of me telling him to say bye bye to his teacher each day, he has finally started doing it on his own as soon as I pick him up. Again, adorable.

Eating- Luke loves to eat! He tries almost anything, and usually likes it. He loves feeding himself, and is very interested in utensils. He says, muh muh muh when he wants more. If he doesn’t like it or decides he is full, he throws it over the side of his chair for Mippy.

Teeth- he has so many teeth that I can’t even count them anymore. Last count I got was 10, but I know he has at least 1 more coming in right now. He has a mouth full, especially those big back molars.

Sleep- Luke has always been a good sleeper, and thankfully, he still is! More and more, I’ve been laying him down when he is still a little awake, and for the most part, he puts himself to sleep. Such a better sleeper than Jack ever was/is!

Talking- he babbles a lot, but can say quite a few things, although I don’t think anyone other than us knows it! He says hi, bye bye, cup, du (dog), ball, da or dada, mama and muh (more). He is very good at repeating sounds when asked, so I think very shortly his vocabulary is really going to take off.

Personality- Luke is more of a reserved baby than Jack was. He is very sweet, but really doesn’t like to cuddle. He does like to smile at strangers, and he sticks his arm up and out and waves like a politician. It is hilarious, and never fails to elicit smiles and remarks when we are out and about. He is rather restless, so our errands must be fairly short and planned, and eating out is pretty much out of the question between the two kids. Luke is a little impatient, and if you don’t do what he wants, exactly when he wants, he starts crying. He loves to play out back in the kiddie pool, and especially likes it when I pull the silde up to it and help him slide down. He can’t get back up the slide fast enough.

Play- Luke loves to play, especially with Jack’s toys. Luke likes balls- his ball popper is his favorite toy, and he likes the toy where he hammers balls into the holes. He also likes music- he dances when he hears it. He likes to play with our little toy instruments- drum, xylophone and kitty piano. He especially likes to get the mike and “sing”. Jack is very good about sharing, and often hands Luke a superhero figure or car to play with. Poor Luke- he plays more often with Light Sabers or action figures than he does age-appropriate, educational toys.

Luke is a really great baby, and I can’t believe he is already 1. Time is flying by so fast. I am really enjoying watching him grow and learn, and I love watching Luke and Jack interact. Jack says, “that’s my brother. Hi, brother!” He is a big fan of Luke, and Luke usually likes Jack, until he pushes him down, or won’t share. Ahhh, brothers.

Happy first year, Luke Harrison! We love you so much, and appreciate the joy you bring us every single day!



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