Posted by: mccordalliance | March 21, 2012

Sweet Boy Jack

On my way to pick up the boys from school yesterday, I stopped at OnCue to buy a lottery ticket (darn, I didn’t win), so I got a drink for Jack. It was waiting for him in the cup holder of his car seat. On the way out the the car, he was telling me about the rain, so when I opened the door, he stopped and said, “Wow! A drink!  Thank you Momma!”

I’m so proud of the sweet, polite, courteous boy we are raising. I love that he recognized the drink was a special treat, and he thanked me for it (without any prompting!).

As I buckled him in, he said “I’m so happy.”  Who knew a little bit of Gatorade from the gas station could make a boy so happy? And his momma, too.


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