Posted by: mccordalliance | February 22, 2012

Body Parts

The best part of my day actually happened twice. I took the boys to school this morning, then picked them up after work.  During both car rides, Jack sang along to our favorite children’s CD, Spaghetti Eddie! His favorite song is “Body Parts”.  He can sing the chorus, and loves to move his body parts  like the song says.  He is so darn cute.

If you’re looking for some great children’s music that won’t make your want to rip your ears off, check out Spaghetti Eddie.  Awesome music you and your kids will love!

Spaghetti Eddie makes me think of our friends, the Schmidts. These guys are some of our great friends, and they have 2 little kids that Jack absolutely adores. Their daughter, Vivienne, celebrated her 3rd birthday over the weekend. We were the very last to leave because Jack was having so much fun playing with Grant and Viv. They ran around and played like crazy, and Luke loved rolling around the floor with the big kids and hundreds of toys.

I’m thankful for friends like these, who let you overstay your welcome by a couple of hours, just because your kids are having so much fun (and because you’re enjoying the company).We had to carry Jack out, kicking and screaming, because he wanted to stay with “Gwant and Be-yen.” Paired with some great family time with my mom and grandparents, and Chris building almost all the remaining Ikea pieces, it was a pretty great weekend.  I really don’t know who came up with 5 days of work and 2 days off, but I think it’s so unbalanced!  We always need more weekend.


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