Posted by: mccordalliance | February 14, 2012

Photo Update

Some random shots from my iPhone!  Chris is probably dying at the lack of quality in these photos, but I don’t have time to pull out a big, fancy camera on these kids. I have to act fast, and my iPhone is the fastest thing.

We got a couple of inches of snow overnight. Jack LOVED it. He stood in the backyard and said, “Mama, come on in the snow. It be fun.” How can you turn that down? We had fun throwing snowballs. Unfortunately, it melted by lunch.

Jack- snow bird

Jack and I made robot valentines for his class party over the weekend. Jack glued the eyes on and ate lots of candy. I love crafting, and love it even more that he is old enough to be part of it now.  I thought they were cute- I put little tags on that said, I like you a BOT.”  Thanks, Pinterest!

Robot Valentines

Here’s Luke, just being cute, like usual.


Jack and I made a cake tonight. He had fun helping me pour everything into the bowl and stir.  Such a good little helper! I love teaching him things, and how proud he is when he does something. He “helped” crack an egg and beamed, “I did it!!!” I’m so in love with this kid.

His favorite part- licking the spoon!

This is my favorite. Luke got this little sports station as a baby shower gift. Jack spied it in Luke’s closet and begged me to get it out. Luke can actually do some of the activities on it now, so I set it up. Jack seems to think it is his. He is obsessed with the basketball. He drops the ball in and says, “I did it!!” and if you ask him to give Luke a ball, he says, “no, Luke wants the bat. Here Luke, play baseball.” I just love watching them play together, and how Luke just watches him, completely enamored. I love these boys!!

Brothers at Play


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