Posted by: mccordalliance | January 28, 2012


Funny things Jack said today:

He was coughing on the way home from school and said:
“Mama, I coughing. I need go to doctor.”  Ha! What 2 year old asks to go to the doctor?!

We were visiting my grandparents tonight, and Jack and Granny were laying on the floor, doing Thomas puzzles on the iPod (ok, that sentence cracked me up- Granny was laying on the floor, and was working on a iPod!! Ha!). I laid down beside him to watch and he sat up and pointed to the couch and said, “No, Mama. You go over there. Go eat. Go away!”  He sure told me. I guess he was enjoying some time with Granny.

And, something sweet:
As we were loading up in carseats, Luke was tired and probably hungry and was fussing. As I got Jack in, Luke was still fussing and I heard Jack telling him, “I know, Wookie. It’s okay, Wookie,”

I’m so proud of my sweet, smart, funny Jack.  Each day he makes me laugh, melt, beam with pride, thank God for him, and, yes, sometimes cry.  He is amazing and I can only hope Luke will turn out just as well.


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