Posted by: mccordalliance | January 26, 2012


Jack was playing with the iPad again tonight.  This was some kind of game where you have blocks with numbers or colors or something, and you as you have matching blocks, you touch them and make them move as other blocks are falling…Jack was playing and i kept hearing him say, “No more boovs.”  I had no idea what he was saying, until I really started watching.  Once all the moves have been exhausted, the game stops and a message pops up- “No move moves.”  Apparently Chris had been telling him that at the end of each game.  So, Jack plays and belts out “no more boovs” when the game is over, before touching to restart.  Seriously, can this kid get any smarter or more adorable?  Well, this came after Luke had a long crying fit and Jack was extremely whiny and demanding.  I’m glad we got past that part of the night and ended on a great note of cuteness!


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