Posted by: mccordalliance | January 26, 2012


I enjoyed a night out with the girls. We went to a Mexican restaurant on the lake for a painting session with Wine & Palette.  An instructor walks you through creating your own masterpiece.  This was my second class and it was so much fun.  Everyone is painting the same thing, but it’s amazing how different they all turn out.  The painting is fun, but the company is even better!  What a fun girls night out!  I sent Chris a picture of my work after I was done and Jack saw it and said, “Mommy made a mess!”  Thanks, Jack!

When I got home, Chris and Jack were sitting on the couch. Jack was playing on the iPad. He was building things in the Lego app- for ages 4 and up! What a genius!  He built vehicles and things, then made them go. He was having a blast, and I was very impressed with his building abilities.  The pieces are laid out and you have to move them to the correct spot- like a puzzle.  He is so smart (really, I think he is. I’m not just saying that)…  So proud of my little boy.

Me and the girls with our masterpieces!


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