Posted by: mccordalliance | January 21, 2012


Just when I start to get annoyed, those boys do something so sweet that I can’t help but quickly get over what I was getting irritated over.  As soon as we got home from school, Luke started fussing, then crying so I went to the kitchen to get his bottle.  Jack, of course, decided he wanted chocolate milk right at that moment- no patience with that kid.  I was trying to get both things made when I noticed Jack had picked up my iPhone from the coffee table (not uncommon).  He ran his little finger along the screen very quickly, then stopped and held the phone up to Luke to show him.  A picture, of course- Jack’s favorite thing to look at on the phone.  Then I heard it,
“Wookie, see, that’s Chuck E Cheese.”  slide, slide, slide “There’s Eli. Wookie, see Eli?”  slide, slide  “ohh, there’s my McQueen car. See?”  slide, slide, slide, slide “Oh, it’s my haircut. See my haircut, Wookie?”

And so it continued on. Jack was showing Luke all his favorite photos and telling him all about them. Such funny, sweet little moments between those two that make all the whining, crying, defiance, etc absolutely worth it.


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