Posted by: mccordalliance | December 23, 2011

Reading is Fun

When I was a kid, reading was a big part of my life.  My mom used to take us to story time at the library when we were just toddlers, we went to the library at least once a week for more books, and we belonged to the Scholastic book club and books came to our house on a regular basis.  I still love reading, but I especially love children’s books- probably because I have such fond memories of so many of them.  I just think they are magical. The beautiful illustrations and the words can just take you to another place and really get your mind and imagination working.

Luckily for me, I’ve passed this love onto Jack.  He has lots of books, and he has his favorites that he always wants us to read.  We read a couple (or 4) books at bedtime and it just might be my favorite part of the day.  His favorites are “Charlie the Ranch Dog“, “New Baby Train“, “Goodnight Gorilla“, “Goodnight Moon“, Clifford the Big Red Dog and “The Very Hungry Caterpillar“.  He likes others, but you can count on reading at least one of these each night.  He’s to the point now where he has parts of them memorized and says them along with me.  I absolutely love it and think he is the smartest kid in the world!

He also likes to bring you a book, say “read it” and plop down in your lap.  I love the sweet cuddle time with him sitting in my lap, but also love that he likes to take time away from rolling his Cars across the floor, or playing with trains, to read a book.

The other night, we read Caterpillar and when we were done, he said, “I read it, Mama.”  I asked him if he wanted to read it to me and he said yes.  He picked up the book, thumbed through it, and relayed the story to me, something like this:
“Cauhpillar, so hungry, Leaf, sun, egg, pop.  Apple, pear, orange, cupcake, warmelon, cocoon, beautiful butterfly.  The end.”  It was absolutely adorable and made me so proud of my little boy.

He also pointed out a sailboat at the Christmas light display we drove through this week and said, “It’s Max boat.  Where’s Max?”  Chris didn’t get it, but I totally did…we’ve been reading “Where the Wild Things Are” a lot lately, and the boat did look like Max’s boat in the book.  Again, so proud of how smart and observant my guy is.

I love sharing this with Jack, and look forward to sharing some of my favorites with him.  I’m a little devastated that so far he has not appreciated my vintage, circa 1980, copy of “The Little Engine that Could.”  I keep hoping he’ll have a change of heart on that one!


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