Posted by: mccordalliance | October 19, 2011

Buh Bye Wuh Wuh

Jack didn’t really care for a pacifier much when he was little.  He took one occasionally but never really loved it.  When he was just about one, he all of a sudden got really attached.  We called it a plugger, and once he was able to build his vocabulary, he started asking for a plugger, which came out as “wuh wuh.”  In the past year, he demanded his wuh wuh all the time.  If he didn’t get one, fits ensued.  We never left home without one.  We had wuh wuhs stashed in the car, my purse, jacket pockets, the carseat, diaper bag…just in case.

Jack's Favorite Wuh Wuhs- the Nuk

The experts will tell you that the paci should be gone between 4-6 months to avoid attachment.  Since we failed here, we had to figure out how to get rid of this habit.  Jack looks older than 2, so I think people thought we had a 3-year old with a pacifier.  Really, it was our problem, not his.  It was easier to give it to him than to deal with the tantrum that came with telling him no.  So, we started just giving it to him in the car and at night time.  Then, Luke came, and it was very hard to get rid of Jack’s plugger when Luke had one.

Finally, a couple of weeks ago, Chris was not home at bedtime, and Jack had been a real pill that night.  Right after a bath, he used to immediately start whining for a wuh wuh.  That night, I was pretty much at my limit with him, and just told him no.  He cried and screamed and I stayed strong and told him no.  It was tough, but eventually he went to sleep.  A couple more nights like that, and that was it.  He stopped asking for it, and stopped whining about it.  And he hasn’t had one since!  I thought it might be hard with Luke- I was afraid he would try to take Luke’s plugger.  Hasn’t happened.

I’m proud of Jack for giving up this habit, and honestly, a little proud of us for being the parents and standing our ground.  Parenting isn’t always easy.  Sometimes it’s easy to get rolled over by your kids and give in instead of changing their habit or behavior.  Next up for us- potty training!





  1. Sometimes they train us!

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