Posted by: mccordalliance | October 5, 2011

I’m back!

My friend pointed out that I needed to post more often, and she’s right.  I haven’t posted anything since Luke was born, and he just turned 3 months old!  This blog is supposed to be the place I am chronicling our family adventures and activities for posterity, so I better get to writing!

We have mainly been busy just playing with Jack and enjoying both boys.  Luke is 14 weeks old today. He has started smiling a lot, and just in the past few days has started laughing.  Just little laughs, but of course, they are adorable.  I don’t have any stats on him, but he is definitely growing.  He’s still got those beautiful chubby cheeks and all his hair.  He goes to bed around 9 and wakes up once to eat, then goes right back to sleep.  He is extremely calm and laid back, and just as sweet as he can be.

Jack is 27 months, although we stopped counting months long ago- I had to figure that one up before I typed it.  He’s just 2.  But if you ask him how old he says he says, “I’m five.”  A character on Caillou says that, and he says it in the exact same way.  He still loves Caillou, but now also loves Clifford the Big Red Dog.  We have to watch it on PBS, and read the one Clifford book he owns over and over.  He is very into Cars right now, and also Toy Story.  He talks all the time these days, and is excellent at communicating with us.

Chris has been very busy with his photography business.  Just when he decided not to push it or really market it, he is getting blown up with bookings!  Family shoots, team photos, newborn shoots- he just booked a wedding too!  It’s exciting and he’s having fun with it, but it’s keeping us both busy.  I go on some shoots as the assistant, and have fun posing and bringing all kinds of props! 

It’s football season, which has Chris at games every weekend.  I am getting more involved with Junior League again, so  it’s been fun to have some girl time while volunteering. I’ve also really gotten into crafting and DIY projects.  Home makeover is on the agenda!

Upcoming posts to look forward to: my Pinterest addiction, new recipes, Jack’s new playset, our landscaping redo and my decorating projects.  Fun stuff for the McCords!

My beautiful boys!


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