Posted by: mccordalliance | June 29, 2011

New Baby- Fears

As I’m about to become a mom for the second time, I am feeling so many things.  I’m definitely excited to meet little baby boy.  I can’t wait to see him- see what he looks like, discover his little personality and teach him so many things.

But with the excitement is fear.  I’m scared for the labor and delivery- it’s an unknown how it will all work out. I’m scared that something could go wrong with me or the baby. Nothing can go wrong for me- my guys need me. And everything has to be perfect with this baby.  He may not be here yet, but he is my child and I will do all I can to protect him.

But most of all, I’m scared for Jack. I know that someday these two will be best buds and do everything together. But for now, I worry about how the dynamic will change with the new baby in the house. It won’t be all about Jack, and he’s so used to that. He will have to share his time with someone else and won’t have his every demand met immediately (he *may* be a little spoiled).  Yes, there are two adults so we can make it work, but I think it will take some time for us to fall into a new routine.

Perhaps I’m overreacting and being silly. I just love Jack so much- I think he’s the greatest thing ever and I want him to be happy.  One thing I don’t worry about is how I will love two as much as I love one.  I know how much the heart can grow, and it’s absolutely impossible to love Jack any less so loving them both won’t be a problem at all.



  1. You will be a great new momma of 2! No lies from here, that transition period is rough. But once you get in the groove, all those worries will slowly drain away and you will enjoy them both equally!

  2. Thanks Courtney!

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