Posted by: mccordalliance | June 24, 2011

Things Jack Says

Jack has an amazing vocabulary for a 2-year old. He talks all the time (no clue where he gets that) and can say big words, like “dinosaur” and typical tot words like “milk.” It seems like he says something new everyday and I love it!

He has also started stringing a few words together in sentences and also responding to you in context. It amazes me each day to carry conversations with him. I want to remember the cute and funny things he says and does so I will start posting here.

On the way home from school today, he was chatting away as we left school. I listened to him for a minute and realized what he was saying:
Jack I want go Target.
Me: You want to go to Target?
J: Yeah (with a big smile). I want a toy.
Me: you want a toy?
J: Yeah (big charming smile)
Me: you’re spoiled rotten
J: Yeah

I cracked up the whole way home. I can’t believe he even knows what Target is or that you get toys there. Such a baby genius!



  1. cute!! If I ever have a baby, I think its first word will be “Target.”

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