Posted by: mccordalliance | June 7, 2011


We have a two year old.  More toddler than baby.  More little boy, actually.  Two years has gone so fast, and what a wonderful ride it’s been.  Every challenge has been worth it when Jack hugs me and says, “Hi Momma” while patting my back or when he jumps up and down screaming “Momma” when I pick him up at school.  To feel so loved and needed just warms my heart everytime. I hope he never stops needing me.

Things You Should to Know about Jack the 2-Year Old.

-He is a sturdy little boy, weighing 33.5 pounds (95th percentile).
-He know all his animals and what noise they make
-He is obsessed with watching “Caillou.”  He can even say the lines along with the show
-His second favorite thing to watch is “Yo Yo” (Yo Gabba Gabba)
-He loves balls, bubbles, books, trucks and airplanes
-He repeats any word or phrase you ask him to
-He loves water (wa-wer)- sprinklers, fountains, hoses, pools, water guns…he is very happy to play in any of them
-His favorite place to be is outside. Each day when we get home, he immediately says “outside?” and opens the back patio door and runs into the backyard. He likes to play baseball, basketball, blow bubbles and play at his water/sand table.  He is totally boy and loves to get dirty.
-He is incredibly sweet. He still likes to cuddle, he gives lots of hugs and kisses and shares really well.
-He likes to color and scribble.
-He can work an iPhone. He actually has his own (phone part is disabled) and knows how to play with the apps and watch YouTube videos. Caillou, of course.
-He is a talker and has an amazing vocabulary for a 2-year old. 
-He is incredibly adorable- probably the best looking 2-year old I know.
-He is awesome, smart, sweet, athletic and minus a few tantrums, pretty perfect

All around, an amazing little kiddo and we love him.  We are so very lucky to be Jack’s parents!

Look at this cool 2-year old!



  1. I want to come play outside and eat popsicles with you guys!!!

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