Posted by: mccordalliance | May 30, 2011

Weekend Recap: building and Mothers Day

While assembling Jack’s room, he and I took a trip to Home Depot to get a carpet cleaner.  When we got there, they had a kids activity going on, so we decided to build something.  In honor of Mothers Day, they had little flower pot kits to assemble to Jack got to make one.  Right after I got the legs on, he go ahold of the hammer and hit the base pretty hard, and it broke in two so we got to start over.  He loves tools and building- such a boy!

Hard at work on his flower pot

The rest of that day was spent putting his room together and cleaning. We went to a First Communion party on Saturday night, and Jack had lots of fun dancing with the big kids.

Sunday was Mothers Day.  I was treated to breakfast from the boys, some new Scentsys and dinner at my favorite Mexican restaurant- Ted’s!  I also got a sewing machine because I really want to learn to sew.  Maybe I’ll eventually take a class, or maybe my mom will give me a crash course in using the machine and sewing straight lines.  I just have to find the time to learn!

We went over to visit my mom (Mimi, as Jack has named her) and gave her a new purse for being such a great mom and Mimi.  As the rest of her mothers day honors, I owe her lunch and a pedicure.

It was a nice day spent with my family.  I love being a mom so much.  It’s scary as hell to be totally responsible for another person, but what an honor.  I beam with pride at every new thing Jack learns- new skills, new words and phrases. And I beam even more when someone tells me how smart, adorable, great, wonderful, sweet, etc he is- I know I’m doing my job of teaching him, nurturing him and letting him be himself and explore this world.  And most of all, loving him with all my heart.

Jack and Mommy


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