Posted by: mccordalliance | May 26, 2011

Weekend Recap: Easter and Museum School

Yes, I’m behind at blogging (again).   Working on catching up.

Easter was late this year- April 23rd.  That weekend was pretty gloomy, overcast and rainy.  We spent that Saturday at museum school. Jack did a really cool photo project- they placed objects on solar paper, then set them outside. Even though it was overcast, there was enough sun to burn an image onto the paper.  Really cool project.

Sunday, Jack woke up to an Easter basket. He had fun eating all the candy and playing with his new toys. We had a nice lunch with the family at Glammy and Babba’s (where Jack got another basket!).  Babba hid eggs for Jack- they had to be hidden in the living room, since it was cold and wet outside. Jack didn’t care- he had a blast finding them all!

Here are a couple of Jack’s Easter pics by the wonderful Kacy Hamar with Randy Coleman Photography.  I love these pics- Jack looks adorable but they perfectly capture his mischievous little personality!

Posing with chicks and bunnies


Talking to the bunny


Just hanging out


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