Posted by: mccordalliance | May 26, 2011

Festival of the Arts

 My favorite event in OKC is the Festival of the Arts.  I have a lot of childhood memories of the Festival.  My mom took us down there every year. We would look at the art, eat, make things, shop in the kids area and artist market.  It happens in April and signals the start of spring.  It is amazing how the city embraces the event- 5,000 people volunteer their time to make it happen, it is totally packed pretty much any time of the day you go, no one complains too much about the roads that are closed- OKC loves this event!  

I was lucky enough to be on staff for the Festival  for 4 years.  I know all the work that goes into this event, and that just makes me love it even more.

I was so happy to be able to share the Festival with Jack this year. We took him last year, but he slept through most of it and was too little to really enjoy much of it.  This year, he loved it, and I wish we had more time to enjoy it! We went on Wednesday evening and had enough time to check out the new Myriad Gardens (amazing- can’t wait until it’s all finished!), go to Face Painting (or arm painting in Jack’s case), play in Creation Station, get a balloon and get some dinner.  Jack LOVED my Indian Taco- he insisted on eating that rather than ice cream.  He made a huge mess but liked it so much, I didn’t even care. 

The weather was gorgeous, and we had a really fun family night at the Festival. The weekend got busy, then rainy, so unfortunately we didn’t make it back, but what a great night. I hope Jack grows to love Festival as much as we do!

Getting his arm painted


Jack and Mommy at the awesome new fountain in the Gardens


Enjoying himself at Creation Station


Big bite of Indian Taco


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