Posted by: mccordalliance | April 19, 2011


Jack and the guys- Dom, Chris and Joe

Last week, Chris had a friend in town, so we loaded up and went to one of the best places in Oklahoma- Eischens!  It’s the oldest bar in Oklahoma, and they are known for their fried chicken.  It’s delicious!  You usually have to wait forever for a table- there’s no host so you just find a table- it can get crazy! But, we went on a Monday and had no trouble finding a table.  The menu is simple- chicken, fried okra, nachos, and some kind of bbq sandwich.  Chicken is served with white bread, pickels and onions.  It’s so good!

We took Jack- he was awesome on the ride out there- there chatted the whole time.  Once there, he loved to push buttons on the jukebox.  Then the chicken came out.  He ate more chicken than I’ve ever seen him eat.  He also ate some fried okra, bread and tons of pickles.  He loves pickles and was so excited to have a whole bowl of them in front of him. 

No matter when you go, Eischens is always worth the trip!

Looking for the chicken


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