Posted by: mccordalliance | April 9, 2011

Pregnancy Update

I am 26 weeks along right now.  This baby will be here in just a couple of months…OMG!  We haven’t done a thing to get ready.  Haven’t bought anything, haven’t even started on moving Jack to his new room.  Time to get busy!  It was so different with my first pregnancy- everything was about the baby, getting ready for the baby.  Doing the room, registering, making sure we have everything.  With this one, it’s kind of like, eh, we have things we can reuse, the baby doesn’t care if the room is a hand me down from his brother, etc.

I am getting new bedding for baby- at least he can have a little of his own identity with his bedroom.  I’m ordering it from my favorite website, Etsy, and a very nice girl named Katrina is making it for me.  I can’t wait to see how it turns out and what a different look it will give the room.  Otherwise, new baby gets the same furniture Jack had- we are getting him a big boy bed and moving him into a new bedroom down the hall. I hope it doesn’t freak him out too much!

I have been feeling pretty good.  Tired, but that just seems the norm anymore for me.  Around 25 weeks, I started feeling very large and pregnant. I feel like I waddle when I walk, and make lots of sighs and grunts when I move around.  Starting to get a little uncomfortable.  Much different than with Jack- I don’t every remember feeling this way with him.

Healthwise, everything has been good so far.  There is a little concern I could go into labor early, since that’s what happened with Jack.  Since he was born at 36 weeks, he is technically considered premature, which puts me at risk for another premature birth.  I’ve been receiving the P17 therapy- it’s a form of progesterone, injected weekly.  Not fun, but it has been shown to prevent preterm births in women who have previously delivered preterm.  We want this baby to stay in there as long as he needs to so he will come out strong and healthy!

The 18-week ultrasound for the 2nd trimester screen showed a couple of things the doctor felt were abnormal, so he wanted to follow up a few weeks later.  Both looked fine at the follow up, but then he found something else, so it required another follow up.  A little stressful, but the last ultrasound (25 weeks) showed everything measuring at the normal range, right where it should be.  Yay!  So thankful for that normal visit!  At 25 weeks, the baby measured at 2 lbs- definitely on the big side!  Doctor said he is measuring big all over, so that put me about a week ahead of where I should be, although they haven’t moved my due date up.

I’m going to start cleaning out Jack’s new room this weekend so we can work on getting him set up in there. I want to move his room before the baby gets here and give him some time to adjust, so I’m hoping to get him in there at the beginning of May.  Once that’s done, I can get started on setting the baby’s new room up, pulling out all of Jack’s old clothes, toys, etc.  Oh my, this is going to be fun!

We were downtown a few weeks ago and Chris had his camera, so we ended up doing a quick photoshoot with Jack.  I had him take a couple of me, and I think this may be the only photo I’ve taken during this entire pregnancy.

22 weeks (mid-March)

This is not the best image, because I used my iPhone to take a photo of the ultrasound image. I can’t figure out our scanner, but I’ll have Chris scan some of the ultrasound images this weekend and update these.  I apparently need a lesson on using the Mac!

Baby boy at 25 weeks




  1. Super cute!!!! Love the belly!

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