Posted by: mccordalliance | April 7, 2011

Little Artist

We love the OKC Museum of Art. Not only do they have amazing exhibits, they have a really great education program (run by our friend Chandra, Poppy’s mom!). Jack goes to museum school classes there, which include a look at an exhibit and then a fun activity. Back in February (I’m so behind!) they hosted Family Day, which was a crazy day full of various art activities, story time, a concert, etc. Of course we planned to attend, but then Chris was asked to be the event photographer. While he was busy shooting photos, Jack and I were busy having fun. We have quite the budding artist on our hands. He loves to paint!

Jack and I dancing and singing with the Sugar-Free All-Stars

Painting a Masterpiece

Jack's buddy, Grant, with the clock he made

Love the apron!

What a fun day. Jack painted, he read some books with the librarian at story time, danced to Spaghetti Eddie and the Sugar Free All-Stars, and saw his friends Grant, Viv and Poppy. Of course, his favorite part is to run up and down the stairs…


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