Posted by: mccordalliance | February 4, 2011

Snow Days

The weathermen said we would get up to 12 inches of snow Tuesday, and for once, they were right! We were stuck inside Tuesday, Wednesday and today. OMG, we are bored! The first day was fun- we played, I cooked we were lazy, it was great! The second and third days were pretty much the same, except I gave up on cooking great meals. We bundled up and ventured outside briefly. This is what Jack thought of the snow:

Jack’s first snow experience

I think he was out there for about 2 minutes, tops. He hated every second of it. He seemed more interested in the snow on Wednesday- he kept going to the back door, pointing, and saying “snow”, which actually sounds more like “no” but is cute nonetheless. We bundled up on Wednesday and he actually laughed and had fun. He LOVES the dogs and laughed at them romping through the snow. I hooked a bungee cord up to a laundry basket and dragged him around the yard and that made him laugh, until the snow got on him, then he was done with it. It was just so darn cold and windy, we just couldn’t stay out there very long.

This is what we did with the rest of our days:

Learned to play guitar with Daddy

Started a band with Owen

Just being cute

We finally ventured out into the world today. Our street is still a mess, and the main road in front of our neighborhood is a disaster. They are in the process of widening the road, and cars were driving in the construction lanes, but at some point you have to get back on the original road- and there’s a good 8-12″ ledge you have to hop. No bueno in the snow/ice. Cars were stuck, people were confused about where to go, and the construction lane wasn’t quite wide enough for 2 cars. We made it through and enjoyed lunch at Chili’s and some shopping at Target. I’m heading into work tomorrow and am really crossing my fingers that I can survive the drive out of the neighborhood! 🙂

We actually worked from home yesterday and today, and surprisingly, I got a lot done. Unfortunately, it was at the cost of Jack watching lots of Yo Gabba Gabba. He prefers the coffee table to chairs:


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