Posted by: mccordalliance | January 26, 2011


I check out Zulily each day, looking for deals and one of today’s deals was for Cozibug.  It’s a cute line of baby accessories, wraps, blankets, bibs, etc.  But, the description is what made me laugh: 

CoZibug is all about style, comfort, and being green. This carbon-neutral company was created by a mom who was astounded when she couldn’t find a stroller blanket that matched her stroller, or a bib that matched a burp cloth, let alone all three that matched. So she created CoZibug, a line of ultra-plush baby accessories with tons of style. Choose your favorite pattern and get stocked up!

Ok moms, please raise your hand if you’ve ever left the house with a bib, blanket and burp cloth that all match your stroller.  When I leave the house, I’m lucky to make it out with my child any of those things, plus diapers, snacks, cup, purse, keys, wallet, toys, books, etc.  Jack spit up so much as a baby that burp cloths became about absorbency, not pattern or matching.  I love the idea that everything will match, but I just don’t think it is realistic with a baby.  Am I totally off base here?  Or was my kid the only one out without matching stroller, bib, blanket, burp rag, diaper bag, outfit, shoes etc. Was he supposed to match me too?!



  1. Okay I totally admit those are adorable and I would love to have them, but Lord know they would never be used at the same time. And I’m lucky if I remember to pack extra diapers. I seriously need a checklist by the door.

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