Posted by: mccordalliance | January 20, 2011

15 weeks

I am 15 weeks pregnant. I thought about posting a belly shot, but I haven’t taken any.  My baby bump looks more like a beer gut right now.  It’s that awkward, is she pregnant or did she just gain weight? phase. 

Baby is about 4 inches long, and weighs about 2.5 oz, or the size or an apple(per BabyCenter).  I’ve felt some of the little flutters, pops, bubbles, but it seems early so it could just be upset tummy or something, but I know movement is coming soon!

As for cravings- I crave red meat (mostly cheeseburgers) and Mexican food (that’s nothing new).  I went through a phase where I hated chicken, but that seems to have passed some.  I love citrus fruit right now, and Skittles and ice cream. 

Nausea subsided around 13 weeks- yay!  I’m feeling pretty good now, but still tired.  I think the toddler has something to do with that.

Went to the doctor yesterday- HR was 155.  There is some concern that I could deliver prematurely, since I did with Jack for no apparent reason.  My OB is amazing and is very laid back, so she won’t come right out and say it, but I’m pretty sure she’s keeping a closer eye on me, and watching for any signs of pre-term labor or  distress.  Everything has been ok so far, and I will be starting weekly progesterone (P17) injections next week, as this has a chance of minimizing premature delivery.  Ouch, but doing what I can to let this little babe bake as long as possible!

February 9th is the big day for the gender reveal.  Can’t wait to find out if Jack is going to have a little brother or sister!


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