Posted by: mccordalliance | January 11, 2011

19 months

Jack turned 19 months on December 29th.  Seriously, he is closer to 2 now.  When did that happen?!  His personality shines through everyday and he is hilarious!


Jack Q. McCord- 13 months


Please ignore the fact that this photo is actually from the end of June, when he was 13 months. I’m going to have to visit with Chris about where photos are stored on this computer. But, I found this one, and I know I’ve never posted it on this blog, and it is probably my all time favorite photo of Jack.  This was taken by a fabulous local photographer, Randy Coleman.  I love it because it’s a cute photo, but it’s just JACK.  That little smile, the way he is hanging from the wagon wheel, all his style.  I’m a big fan- can you tell?

So, back to 19 months:

Stats:  He weighed 30 lbs at his 18 month check up.  He feels heavier but clothes seem to fit the same, so he’s still somewhere around the 30 lb mark.  He wears 18-24 month clothes, and sometimes 2T.

Style:  My favorite thing to dress him in is jeans, a graphic t, a plaid shirt open with a puffy vest, and Chuck Taylors.  The kid has so much style, it’s incredible. Way more than either of his parents.  His favorite outfit- a diaper.

What he is up to at 19 months:
Balls.  He LOVES balls.  Any ball- basketball, football, soccer, stuffed, bouncy- does not matter to him as long as it’s a ball.  He thinks anything round is a ball, so he’s always pointing at random things and saying “ball.” There are a lot of round things in the world.  If there is a game on TV, he says “football” or “bakball”- he knows the sports and uses the terms correctly.  He has also learned “hockey”.  And, everytime we pass a house with a basketball goal, he pops his arm up, shoots and says “woosh”.  He has a goal in his room and loves to go in there and shoot.  He also likes to swing a bat around and hit balls.  It’s amazing how many times he actually hits the ball.

Cars.  He likes to push cars around and make “vroom” sounds.   He also likes airplanes, and always points when he says one.  He also likes to ride in his Little Tykes car, his Zebra scooter, his cow car, his Thomas trike, his Radio Flyer trike at Glammy’s house and he still pushes his little walker car around.  We can’t go into the garage without a meltdown because he just wants to ride one of his toys instead of getting into the car to go.  We’ve been doing lots of riding around the living room, but I can’t wait until it warms up and he can ride outside.

Books. Kid loves books (yay!).  He has a few favorites. One is a book of first words- full of pictures of various objects. I’m so proud of him- he knows many of the things in the book and points at them and says the word.  “nana” “apple” “shoes” “Nemo” “ball” “meow” “woof woof”. Baby genius I tell you.   He also loves “Go Dog Go”, “Bubbles Bubbles” and a little book of animals.

Guitar.  He loves to go into the music room and play guitar with Daddy. He starts off playing the rockband guitars, but gets discouraged they don’t actually make noise, so then he goes for the Fender.  He likes to use the pick and strum.  He’s not bad!  Oh, and he finds the guitar picture in his book, points to it and says “Dada”. So cute.

Dogs. He loves Owen and Mippy.  He usually runs up to them and gives them hugs.  He calls them “Owa” and “Bippy”.  When he has food in his hand and they’re following him around trying to take it, he taps their nose and says “Back”. He’s been watching Mommy.

Helping.  Jack loves to help.  He carries things to the trash, he opens the back door to let the dogs in, he carries things to Mommy and Daddy when asked, he likes to put clothes in the washer and dryer, and he loves to push a Swiffer around the floor.  This will be very helpful when the baby comes!

Eating. He’s picky. It’s frustrating.  Favorite foods right now are clementines and marshmallows.  Cheese, milk and juice.  Awesome.

Talking. He knows lots of words, and seems to learn new ones everyday.  He does a lot of babbling too. He tries so hard to tell us things, and I know he thinks he is saying it and wonders why we just stare at him.

Temperament. He is pretty laid back.  For the most part, he goes with the flow and is happy.  He gives lots of hugs and kisses (the best thing ever!).  He is a little ham and as soon as he figures out someone is watching and is entertained, he really turns it up.  He is totally charming and the biggest flirt.  He has his moments where he doesn’t get his way, and there is some screaming involved and lots of kicking.  But he’s only 1- what can you expect?

So, he’s pretty much the coolest kid I know, and we are totally in love with him and everything he does.  Can you tell?!



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