Posted by: mccordalliance | September 21, 2010


If it were up to me, I would collect junk, or antiques as some like to call it.  I have a husband who hates clutter and he unfortunately won’t let me fill the garage with all these treasures.  There are several “antique” shops near my office- I drive past them everyday and lust over the treasures they throw out on the front sidewalk or parking lot.  I’ve stopped a time or two, but have left empty-handed.  I find that yes, there are some real antiques, but there’s also a lot of junk!  I am inspired by my college friends Bethany and Carissa, who find amazing finds for great prices and do fantastic  things with them.  I don’t seem to have the same luck, sadly.

Chris had a photoshoot over the weekend with 6-month old. I decided he needed a cute little child’s chair for the baby to sit in.  I had the perfect vision of it in my head- very shabby chic.  I jumped at the chance to explore some of these junk shops and see if I could find what I had in mind, even if I had to refinish it myself.  I hit up 2 thrift stores with no luck.  I went into a very sketchy, true junk shop- there was just a little walkway to enter- I swear that there was junk stacked up to the ceiling everywhere you looked.  Nothing.  He told me they’d put everything out in the parking lot on Saturday and to come back.  He assured me I’d find what I was looking for.  I went back- there was nothing in the parking lot and I didn’t have the energy to go through all their stuff inside.

Since it was now Saturday afternoon and we needed the chair the next day, I made a last ditch effort into an antique mall.  After a quick sweep down the aisles, I didn’t quite find what I was looking for.  Then, I approached the end of the aisle, and there it was.  The perfect chair- child size, teal, already all weathered looking.  I walked closer, and saw another one- orange, also weathered.  Incredible! I wouldn’t even have to do any work!  They were more than I had hoped to pay, but they were too perfect to pass up.  I bought them both.

The find

We ended up using the one on the right in the photos.  And it was adorable.  Chris was very pleased with my finds, and Jack loves the chairs that are just his size.  I can’t wait to go antiquing again.  And garage sale-ing.  I now aspire to start collecting junk and open a booth at an antique mall.



  1. Adorable! I bet it looked great in a picture! You should come to KC and go antiquing with me – we’ve got some great shops!

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