Posted by: mccordalliance | September 15, 2010

Zoo Fun

 A couple of weeks ago, we had a “cold front”- temps were in the 80s and compared to the 100s we had for so many weeks, it was amazing. Chris and I took Friday off and took Jack to the Zoo. We had such a great time! We went early, when they opened and the weather was really nice.
We started in the Children’s Zoo- it’s so nice! First stop was the barnyard. Jack loved the little goats- he ran up to all of them and said Hi and petted them all. He loves animals.

Jack petting the goats

 After the goats, Jack really just wanted to run around.  So we let him and he had a blast just exploring.  He was having so much fun and was so adorable.

Having Fun Exploring

Then we moved onto the lorikeets.  You can buy a little cup of nectar to feed them and they will fly right up to you and land on your arm to drink the nectar.  I am slightly terrified of birds so this was a big deal for me.  Jack LOVED the birds and ran up to them and wanted to touch them all.  Until one nipped at his finger and then he was done with the lorikeets.

Feeding the Lorikeets

We went onto the carousel.  Jack wanted to sit on all the animals but once it started moving, he squealed with delight and loved it.  It was his first time on the carousel.

Ready to Ride!

After that, we walked around more, saw the apes and orangutans and big cats.  We saw a big tiger and it growled at Jack- it didn’t phase him at all.  He now growls at all animals though.  After that, Jack was worn out and had to have a nap.  We walked around to see the giraffes, then we were done.  It was hot, Jack was asleep and we were worn out from our fun day.  I can’t wait to go back!

Someone Had Too Much Fun!


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