Posted by: mccordalliance | September 3, 2010

15 months

Jack is one and a quarter now- he turned 15 months old last Sunday, the 29th. He is so much fun and I don’t think I laughed this much in my life before he was born. He walks around everywhere, and much like that pink bunny, just keeps going and going. He loves to get into the cabinets, especially the pantry, and my makeup.

He talks a lot these days too. Some of my favorite things he says:
Hi (he tells everyone hi no matter where we are- he even tells animals hi!)
Bye (accompanied with a cute little wave, and sometimes a sloppy kiss)
Bay (how it sounds when he says Betty, his teacher at school)
Nay-Nay (his other teacher, Jenai)

He is also very good at repeating words for you- he says his name really cute, as in, “Can you say Jack?” “ACK!” with a big smile. Oh, and he will repeat “Love You”- which is more like “of you” but still so adorable and melts my heart every time. He’s a quick learner too- the other day at daycare, he learned to put one finger up to your mouth and shhh people. He also raises his elbow up in a “come on” motion when he wants you to go or follow him and says “GO”. He’s pretty much a baby genius.

Probably my most favorite thing he does is blow kisses. Somewhere along the way (probably from the dogs) he seems to think that you stick your tongue out to kiss. So, he sticks his tongue out, then puts his palm up to his mouth, then gestures out. That description did it no justice because it’s adorable. He also gives kisses. He opens his mouth, sticks his tongue out, and comes right at you. It’s very wet and sloppy, and more like a lick than a kiss, but it’s hilarious. He’s such a sweet boy. Lately he has been giving lots of random, unsolicited hugs and kisses and I love them all.


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