Posted by: mccordalliance | August 13, 2010

Walk This Way

Jack is walking! It’s crazy how fast he picked up this skill. Just a couple of weeks ago, he was just taking a step or two between the couch and the coffee table. Then, he was taking 3 or 4 steps between Chris and I. In just a week, he has become a walking machine! He walks all over the house and the yard. If he falls, he just gets right back up and goes some more. He’s really adorable when he walks, just toddling around with his belly sticking out, and usually one arm up. Of all the things we’ve watched him learn, this is by far my favorite.

Here’s a video of him walking at the mall playground. We’ve been here quite a few times lately- he loves to play here and the floor is soft and padded, so it’s been really great for him to practice walking. This was taken last Friday, so a week ago. His balance and walking has already improved tremendously since then!


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