Posted by: mccordalliance | July 24, 2010


In June, we took a big family vacation. The McCords, my sister, her husband, her son Eli, my mom and step-dad Charles, and his son Christopher. We rented a house in Galveston. It was a couple of blocks from the beach and enjoyed a week of no plans or agenda- just fun.

Getting there was a challenge. The day we were departing was the day that it rained a crazy amount in a very short amount of time. It took us an hour to get to the airport, in pouring rain, only to learn the airport had a river flowing in front of it so they weren’t letting any cars in. So, we turned around, called the airline, got on a later flight and headed home. We almost didn’t make it home due to a creek near our house flooding. We got home and waited it out- the rain finally stopped, waters receded, we got back to the airport and finally made it to Houston.

It was Jack’s first flight and I was stressed about the whole process…how to get all the stuff out of the car and checked, what to carry on, how Jack would act. He was overdue for a nap and before we boarded we were those people everyone was watching and thinking, I do NOT want to sit by them. We got on the plane and Jack was fascinated by everything so that was good. As we started to take off, I gave him a sippy cup of milk to help his ears, but he actually took it and immediately fell asleep- he was asleep before we were in the air, and slept the entire flight. Score!

We met up with my sister at the airport, got the rental car (a minivan, which I loved!), tried to track down our lost car seat, got set up with a loaner car seat, got some dinner and finally headed for the beach. We hit the beach house just as it was getting dark. Eli was so excited- his first trip to the beach- and I think was a little disappointed that it was too dark to really see “the beach”. We got all settled in and called it a night.

The rest of the days were about the same…get up, eat, head to the beach, eat lunch, nap, dinner…it was nice to be at the house so we cooked most meals at home. We ventured over to Moody Gardens one day and enjoyed the aquarium, rainforest and lagoon there. Eli loved the beach. We bought some boogie boards and he liked to ride that in the waves- he called it surfing. Jack wasn’t too sure about the beach…the waves, the water, the sand…but he was a good sport and was ok with all of it by the end of the trip. We all had a really great time and hope to go back.

Jack on the beach

There were stairs in the condo and it took Jack about 10 minutes to figure out how to climb them. He loved it- I think it was his favorite part of vacation. He would climb up and down them all day. He especially loved to get to the top, and sit up there with someone while Eli was at the bottom- they would play ball.

Jack climbing the stairs

Jack loves aquariums

Brad and Eli surfing

McCords on the beach


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