Posted by: mccordalliance | July 24, 2010

Summer Fun

It’s been a busy summer. Chris is working on his photography more and more, so he’s been doing several shoots lately. We’ve had lots of birthday parties, a wedding and the usual summer activities. It’s been HOT lately, but a few weeks back, we had some really nice weather so we had fun playing outside. We frequent a park near our house- Jack loves to swing and slide. They also have a splashpad, and he really hated water at the beginning of the summer but now he loves it. He crawls all around the splash pad and is just delighted when he gets sprayed. It’s so much fun to watch him discover these things! We’ve been to the zoo once and I can’t wait for some cooler days so we can go back. The new Children’s Zoo is fantastic!

We went swimming for the first time (other than the beach) last weekend. Jack really enjoyed the kiddie pool and had fun crawling all around the shallow water. The next day, we went to a pool party and he rode around in his raft and thought that was pretty fun too. I can’t wait for more swimming days!

At the pool:

Feeding the Ducks:

At the Zoo:


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