Posted by: mccordalliance | July 24, 2010

4th of July

There’s a little city on the NW side of Oklahoma City called Bethany. It’s where my grandparents live and where I grew up. Each year, they have a big 4th of July celebration. It starts with a parade at 10 am. I’ve been going to that parade since I was a tot, and it’s a longstanding tradition in my family. It’s a very sweet parade, and we always see familiar faces there. My whole family goes and camps out on the curb. Honestly, it’s a tradition I look forward to each year. I was so excited that Jack got to go this year- his first parade! He really just took everything in and waved at everyone who went by. He waved his hand, a flag, a fan, or a combination of those. He got candy (which he gave to Eli), he eat an entire cookie from the bakery where I used to get cookies after swimming and the library when I was a toddler, he discovered FlavorIce and Dum Dums, and he got rained on. It sprinkled and misted off and on during the parade, but in the middle of it, it started pouring. We hung out for a bit in the rain, but then packed it up and headed home. In all, Jack had a fun morning at the parade. And Eli got more candy than Halloween. What a great morning! We followed it up with a cookout at my aunt and uncle’s house.

That evening, we went to watch the fireworks in Bethany. We parked in a big lot just to the north of the fireworks site to avoid the crowd and traffic. Eli was so excited about them! Jack was asleep when we got there, but woke up shortly after the show started. He looked around, like “where am I?” and then a firework went off- he stared up at it, reached his little hand up toward the sky, and said “OHHHHH!” That’s what he did each time one went off. He was adorable, as always.

At the parade with his great-grandfather, Pappa:


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