Posted by: mccordalliance | June 29, 2010

13 Months

Jack is 13 months old today. I’m not that great at keeping up with the baby book so here are some things about Jack he can eventually know he did at one.

You clap all the time. And we all join in and say YAY and you smile really big and clap some more. It’s pretty adorable.

You crawl everywhere! You’re super fast, especially when you decide you really want something.

You pull up on everything. Your favorite is to pull up on the TV stand, then turn the TV off and on. And to beat on the screen. This make Daddy really anxious! You also like to crawl over to the entertainment center and twist all the knobs- turn the volume way up, change the tuner, turn the XBOX off and on. We are currently looking for a new entertainment center with doors.

You cruise- holding onto the coffee table, wall, etc and walk around it. I caught you pushing a dining room table chair the other day and walking along with it. But, we’ve yet to see you take any steps or stand on your own. And that’s ok.

You spin. It’s hilarious- you sit on the floor with your feet out in front of you. You keep one foot anchoring you down, while you use the other heel to scoot yourself around in a circle. I’ve never seen a baby do that!

You are really good at bye-bye. We say “say bye-bye” and you wave and say Buh. Sometimes you do a big, circle wave. Sometimes you clasp your hand and wave- usually backwards so that your palm faces you. Either way- it’s really cute!

You wear size 18-24 month clothes, and a 5 wide shoe.

You get the good eater award- you love to eat! You like to grab the food and feed yourself. You eat what we eat, and when you’re done or don’t like something- you throw it over the side of your highchair and the dogs eat it.

You “talk” all the time- mostly babble. You squeak and babble and it’s really funny. I think you just like to hear your own voice. You say “duh” when you see the dogs, and dada, although still not really in context. I’ve heard you say mama a few times, but not much. You say “buh” for ball and bye.

Speaking of balls- you love them! You will find anything round and play with it. You like to grab balls, hold them with both hands, raise them above your head, and throw them. We often sit on the floor and play ball back and forth. You throw and stop the ball really well. We’ve got a future athlete on our hands!

We’ve really been working hard on getting you to fall asleep on your own so we will all be happier! It’s getting easier, and you’ve been sleeping through the night every night since we’ve started. I think we are finally getting into a pattern that will help everyone get more rest.

Still just the two bottom teeth. It definitely doesn’t stop you from eating! And that 2-toothed grin is adorable, and lucky for us- you flash it all the time!

You are very flirtatious and charming and are always hamming it up for whoever is around you- mom and dad, relatives, strangers in the grocery store…

You love school. And, your teachers love you, which makes it so much easier to take you there everyday. You forget all about us as soon as we walk in the door. You’re ready to play all day long.

You are so sweet- you’ve started giving kisses and hugs lately. It melts my heart everytime. Your dad and I are so in love with you and with everything you do. We are so happy that you’re our son and so excited to see what you’ll do next. We love you Jack Q. McCord.


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