Posted by: mccordalliance | June 13, 2010

One Year Stats

Jack had his 12 month checkup just a couple of days after his first birthday. Just as we thought- he’s Giant Jack! He is 30.5″ long (72nd percentile) and 26lb 12oz (90th percentile). Even his head is big- 19″ (92nd percentile).

I was looking at the growth print out they gave me- it marks his growth of all his visits from birth. Those Xs were way down near 10th and 25th percentile for quite a while, then he just took off.

He is a master crawler and cruises along the coffee table, sofa, bathtub and his favorite- the TV stand. He is getting braver and moving from couch to table etc. He shows little interest when we try to help him walk though. We are done with bottles and formula- he’s a milk baby and eats what we’re eating. He is an excellent waver, even if he often waves backwards, and says bye very well. He says dada a lot and mama but still doesn’t call me mama. that’s what I’m waiting for!


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