Posted by: mccordalliance | May 20, 2010

Aww Hail No

 On Sunday, I was having fun co-hosting a bridal shower for my friend Cari. It was a sunny, hot and humid afternoon.  We were in SW Edmond at Wendi’s house, enjoying our mimosas and cupcakes.  Cari was in the middle of opening presents when Wendi was alerted to turn on the news.  Apparently, storms were taking over the city…the radar predicted it would be within miles of us in about 30 minutes.

I have to interrupt by saying, you’ve never experienced a storm until you’ve been in Oklahoma City.  All TV programming stops as the weathermen come on and show you different radar shots, the storm chasers head out and report in…it’s a spectacle, and a little doomsday.  The weather men are often like Chicken Little screaming “the sky is falling”, telling you to take cover immediately, and then you just get some rain.  So, it’s not uncommon here in Oklahoma to hear the sirens, see the warnings, and not really do a lot about it.

So, we watched the warnings, some people left, Cari kept on opening her gifts.  When she got done, we realized the storm was about 20 minutes away.  That pretty much ended the shower.  People took off.  As we took the last load to Cari’s car, the hail started.  Just little pellets, but myself and one other decided to wait for it to pass.  We got a nice shower of marble size hail.  My phone is blowing up…apparently the legendary meteorologist Gary England reported tennis ball sized hail less than a mile from my house.  Chris was at my mom’s house, which was getting pelted pretty good.  She only lives a couple of miles from us, but clearly different parts of the city were getting hit with varying amounts of hail.

It came and went very quickly.  Chris headed home to assess the damage.  Branches and leaves down.  Golf-ball sized hail.  2 cracked windows, a fence that leans a little.  And, we found out today, our roof is totaled and must be replaced.  there are holes in it.  Fantastic.

Many others saw much more damage.  A co-worker lost her back windshield, and learned today that insurance is going to total her car.  A neighbor has a hole in her roof and the rain we saw this morning was more than the roof could take- their living room ceiling was about to cave in.  My mom lost a skylight, 2 cars with lots of dimples and a broken windshield.  Many people have entire windows busted out.  It was really crazy.  Baseball sized hail.  Quick, but so powerful.

This is on the heels of a tornado that swept through last week.  We were at high risk for severe weather today…again with the weathermen freaking the city out!  They were talking tornadoes, more large hail, etc.  I think half the city was hiding in their fraidy holes, but the metro was spared.  There were tornadoes, but thankfully it seems they didn’t hit any towns.  Mother Nature, please give Oklahoma a break! 

Golf ball sized hail from a neighbor who is 2 blocks from us

The hail in my mom's backyard


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