Posted by: mccordalliance | May 12, 2010

If It’s Not One Thing…

It’s definitely another in our house! The past few weeks have been crazy. Not like a lot going on crazy, but like, things keep happening, pull your hair out crazy!

Crazy #1- the water incident

A few weekends ago, I bought some flowers and planted them in the front beds. This is big for me- I have a brown thumb. I love the idea of beautiful landscaping, I just seem to kill everything I try to plant. So, Jack and Chris and I had a lovely time planting one gorgeous afternoon and the flowers look nice. That Monday, Jack and I went outside to water after work. Jack sat in the yard, I watered, and I sprayed him with the hose. He thought it was funny, so I sprayed him some more. That water was on for 10-15 minutes. I might point out than when I turned on the hose, it sputtered and shot out the wrong end of the hose- the end where it connects was spraying water and nothing was coming out the nozzle. It was a new hose so I thought it might be on wrong and it might take a while for the water to work its way through the hose. So, I turned it off, then back on and it worked fine.

When we got inside, I went to grab something from Jack’s room. Hmm, what’s all over his dresser? And the blinds? Is that water?! I look up for leaks in the ceiling. I wonder if the window was open and I sprayed it, but the glass was dry. Then, I see it…a silver dollar-sized hole in the wall. The wall where the pipe leads to the outside faucet. Apparently the pipe had frozen at some point, so when we turned it on, it split the side seam, water shot out the side and sprayed Jack’s room. His toys and books were soaked, his glider and some stuffed animals were wet…and the carpet was doused! By the time we really figured out what had happened, it was spreading and the carpet was soaked everywhere. We pulled it back and realized we had a big mess on our hands. The insurance adjustor came out, the wall had to be cut and checked for water damage, the carpet had to be all ripped up and cleaned, the pad totally replaced. Finally, after 3 weeks of displacing Jack from his room, it’s all fixed and back together. In the chaos we decided the best place to put Jack’s crib would be our room, so he slept in our room for about 3 weeks. He didn’t sleep too well the first few nights and we didn’t either since we woke up at every noise and move he made. He’s adjusted pretty well to being back in his room and is sleeping through the night (most nights).

Crazy #2- the wreck

The next week, after one of those not so well sleeping nights (Jack woke up at 3:30 and I never went back to sleep), I was tired and grouchy, all before 8 am. So, on my way to work, I was rear-ended. By a young girl who couldn’t give me her insurance info because she didn’t have it with her. It took nearly 2 weeks to finally make some headway on getting this resolved. It went into the shop for repairs today- 3 weeks after the accident. Ready to have that one done and behind us.

Crazy #3- the sick dog

Last week, it was a sick dog. I won’t go into the graphic details, but he was sick Monday morning. The vet couldn’t find anything to be concerned about, but put him on a bland diet. He started getting sick again Wednesday night, while I was home with Jack and the 2 dogs. Right as I got Jack out of the bath. It was a scene straight out of a movie with a screaming baby who was only half-dressed, a sick dog, and another dog running around because of all the commotion. Luckily, Chris came home and dealt with dogs while I dealt with babies. He spent some time at the emergency vet, came home and we replayed the whole thing again that Saturday am. He spent a few days in the doggie hospital, had a million tests, almost had surgery, had some xrays, and was finally sent home with a hefty bill. Our vet ran more tests- everything came back clean, he finally passed whatever it was that was troubling his tummy, and hasn’t been sick in a week. Keeping our fingers crossed that’s done with- sick dogs are expensive!

On top of all this, it’s one of my busy times at work. I have 2 times of the year that get crazy and this is one of them. But, I’ve made it through the busiest part and I hope it’s smooth sailing from here on out.

That’s what we’ve been up to- home repairs, car repairs and pets. I am so very thankful for a house, a car, a job, sweet doggies, a husband and a beautiful baby boy- I just am even more thankful when they are all in tip top shape!


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