Posted by: mccordalliance | March 10, 2010

Watch Your Weight

At the beginning of February, my work started a Weight Watchers at Work series.  17 weeks, one meeting per week. I’ve always been curious about Weight Watchers.  The points- how many do you get, how do you know how many points are in things?  I figured since they were coming to my work, this was the time.

About 18 months ago, I wanted to lose weight before I got pregnant.  Then, I got pregnant without losing any of that weight.  My pregnancy weight gain was minimal, and due to the demands of being a new mom, I forgot to eat a lot when Jack was a newborn.  Forgot, slept rather than ate, didn’t find time, had no concept of time- whatever you want to call it.  So, that pregnancy weight and then some came off without effort.  Then, I got stuck.

So, about 3 weeks ago, I found myself at a weight watchers meeting.  We got the e-tools with our membership, and I love the online stuff- articles, cheat sheets, recipes.  But, the online point tracker is saving me.  Even better- the iPhone app that lets you track your food, look up points values- it’s amazing!  I don’t have to figure anything up- I just look it up.

At today’s weigh in, I earned a gold star for losing 5 lbs.  It’s a start.  It inspires me to keep going because I’m seeing results.  Just don’t tell anyone I celebrated my gold star with something that may or may not have been fried, and may or may not have been from Burger King.  And it was definitely delicious and worth the points!  Ahhhhhh!

I am loving it and sometimes shocked to see what I thought about eating.  It’s made me really think about what’s going into my body.  And to realize that almost anything can be prepared in a healthy way.  So, look for posts of recipes and maybe even product reviews. I’m trying all kinds of new foods- loving some, and wondering why I wasted my money on others.  I won’t shock and awe you with astronomical point values- I save that for Chris.  I’m sure he is sick of WW already, but I’m trying to get him on board too.  I’ve got him eating turkey sausage and bacon without complaining.  Baby steps…



  1. Good for you! Julie Jacques lost 25+ on it last year so keep going!

  2. Go McCords! I LOVE Weight Watchers! First thing that’s ever worked!

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