Posted by: mccordalliance | March 10, 2010

9 Month Update

Jack turned 9 months old last week.  He is a giant baby- he is 29″ long and 24 pounds.  He is measuring in the 75th percentile on length, and 90th percentile on weight.  It’s fascinating to me to look at the graphs that plot his growth since his birth- he was in the 5 and 10th percentiles for quite a while, and now he’s at the top of the charts!  He is off the charts on weight for his length- 96th percentile!  He’s a little roly poly little thing and oh so adorable!

He sits up very well and loves to sit in the floor and play.  Lately, he is very happy beating on a drum.  He picks everything up and of course, puts it right in his mouth.  He does not crawl, but has mastered rolling.  He rolls all over the place to get what he wants.  He really doesn’t seem to have much interest in crawling.  He would rather roll!  He doesn’t pull up on anything either.  The doctor gave him a glowing grade for health and developmental levels, and said not to worry about the crawling thing.  He’ll get there. It’s hard to drag 24 pounds around!

He jabbers all the time, and says mama and dada very well, along with nana and some other little sounds.  Listening to him talk is about the sweetest thing ever.  He has a precious little voice.  He has not found a food that he doesn’t like.  He eats baby food, and gets small bites of whatever we are eating.  We’ve recently discovered he is a huge fan of Chick-fil-A nuggets.  Really, who isn’t?

He sleeps on his own schedule.  He sleeps through the night once or twice a week, and seems to enjoy waking once or maybe even twice- especially on the weekends!  He usually wakes around 3 something, so I really keep hoping he’ll start sleeping through the night more frequently soon, but so far we’re just not there yet.

He claps, and flaps his arm and up down at you, which is his way of waving.  He is so very curious, and I love it. He wants to grab everything and inspect it.  He’s all boy when it comes to his toys- he’s so rough with them!  He’s spoiled rotten, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.  He’s just a sweet little lovey and I’m continually amazed with him.  Nothing makes me happier than when he smiles at me, pats my back while I hold him, laughs at me, or snuggles up in my arms to go to sleep.  He reminds me to find the joy in little things and to stop and play.  I am having so much fun watching him learn, watching him play with Chris, and seeing him grow.  He’s so awesome!

Super Jack!


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