Posted by: mccordalliance | March 2, 2010

Busy Weekend

This was the first weekend we haven’t had things going on.  I thought we would enjoy a nice, low-key weekend at the house, but that didn’t happen.  Instead, the weather was gorgeous and we got out and explored the city.

Saturday morning, we went to the OKC Museum of Art.  This really is gem in our city.  The current exhibit is very modern pieces by Jason Peters- using  a mix of everyday objects and lights.  Very cool.  We also enjoyed the Chihuly glass collection.  I’ve been through this one several times and it never gets old.  Jack especially liked the Chihuly- he loved all the colors. 

Afterwards, we had burgers at Irma’s.  Jack loves eating out- he likes to sit in the high chair and try to grab everything on the table.  And, he gets to try bites of whatever we’re eating.  He sampled hamburger and fries this time, and of course, loved both.  He has yet to meet a food he doesn’t like.

The rest of the day was spent running errands- Target, the mall, home for a nap, then TJ Maxx and Kohls.  He fell asleep in the cart at Kohls.  The next day was a few more errands, then a late afternoon nap with Mommy.  We packed a lot in, but it was lots of fun to spend some time with the family.

Jack with the Chihuly in the Museum lobby


Jack and Mommy in the Jason Peters exhibit


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