Posted by: mccordalliance | January 17, 2010

So Long 2009

December always sneaks up and then flies by.  Anything after Thanksgiving is a blur because there’s so much going on.  But, needless to say, we were happy to bid farewell to 2009.  In October of 08, we learned that Chris’ mom had cancer.  Just a few days later, we learned that I was pregnant.  And I was offered a new job. 

So, we started 09 helping Pat treat her cancer and me pregnant with a new job.  Then Chris has a heart attack at the end of January.  He recovered and is continuing to take his medicine and attempt to eat healthier.  Jack arrived at the end of May, so the summer was spent adjusting to our new roles as parents.  By the fall, we were adjusted and everyone was enjoying Baby Jack.  Mid-October, Pat lost her battle with cancer.  The rest of the year was more  Jack, and dealing with the things that come along with a death in the family.  So, aside from Jack’s arrival, we are done with this year. 

We welcomed 2010 with open arms and can’t wait to see what it brings!


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