Posted by: mccordalliance | August 9, 2009

Happy Jack

Month two has brought us a happy baby.  Jack is full of smiles, coos and happy baby sounds.  It’s the greatest thing in the world to have a happy baby!  He’s so much more interactive now and has developed quite a personality.  He’s also developed quite a temper about his food.  When he’s ready to eat, you better feed him right then.  And don’t even think about taking the bottle away, even just for a minute.  He starts breathing fast, then the screaming begins.

He had his two-month check up last week.  He weighs 10 lb, 2 oz, and was 22 inches long.  He’s in about the 10th percentile, which means that 10% of babies his age are smaller than him, and 90% are bigger.  It took me a while to figure out the percentile thing- math has never been my strong suit!  He’s growing though, and catching up, which is great since he arrived 4 weeks early.  He was given 4 vaccinations- 1 liquid, and 3 shots.  He was a brave little guy during the shots, but it was tough on mom and dad to hold him down for that.  He had a fever for a few days afterwards- just one of the side effects, but otherwise, he survived his first round like a little tough guy.

We’re having so much fun with him, and think he’s a pretty awesome baby!

Smiley Baby

Smiley Baby


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