Posted by: mccordalliance | August 2, 2009

Two Months

Jack turned two months old on July 29th.  He’s getting so big!  He is really starting to fill out- his face is rounder, his tummy is rounder, and his thighs are a little chunky.  I love it!  He goes to the doctor this week and I can’t wait to see how much he weighs.  We had to experiment with formula, and after starting soy last week, we’ve had better luck keeping things down.  He’s become a good eater this week, sometimes even requiring an extra ounce, and he keeps most of it down.  This is a huge improvement- I think every piece of clothing Chris and I own has been spray & washed at least once, and the furniture has been cleaned numerous times.  He’s much more alert and starting to develop some personality.  He’s even started smiling at us!
Two Months Old

Two Months Old

He has gone to work with me the past two Fridays.  It won’t be a weekly occurance, but it sure is a treat when it happens!  THere are just 5 of us in the office- all ladies.  Someone always wants to hold him, or he sleeps.  Surprisingly, I’ve gotten my to-do list accomplished both times.  He is obviously good for my productivity, though I’m not sure about everyone else’s, as they are always holding him.

Last week, we went to visit our friends Doug and Julie, and their new baby, Gracie.  She is just about 7 weeks younger than Jack and they are destined to become friends- I mean, they’ve already shared dinner together.  I’ve said it before, but we are excited that several of our friends are having babies around the same time as us.  We can’t wait to watch them grow up together and have so much fun playing together. 

We are in a routine now- Jack usually just gets up once during the night- at 3 am, then again at 6 when I do.  I am thankful that we are down to one feeding a night- now if I can just remember to go to bed when he does so I can get the max amout of sleep!

Call me Spike!

Call me Spike!


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