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July has been a family kind of month. My sister, her husband and 2 1/2 year old son, Eli, have made 2 visits from Tulsa this month.  Eli has been the only baby in our family for quite a while, and it’s a role he seems to enjoy.  We wondered how he would react to Jack, but as it turns out, he loves him!  He calls him Baby Jack, but in his sweet toddler voice, it sounds like “Baby Gak.”  He started out just wanting to kiss Jack and pat him, but now he frequently wants to hold him.  Anytime Jack makes a noise or cries, Eli stops what he’s doing and says “oh no, Baby Gak.”  He runs over and then tries to give him a bottle or pacifier, because apparently that’s what babies need when they cry!  He is fascinated by his tiny hands and feet.  He now wants to hold Jack all the time, and it’s so sweet to see him loving on his cousin.  Eli is definitely ready for a baby brother or sister!

Eli holding Jack

Eli holding Jack

We spent the 3rd and 4th of July with family.  We were mostly at my aunt and uncle’s house, making use of their pool.  On the 4th, Jack and Chris stayed home with Grandma McCord while I joined my family for the parade in Bethany, OK.  This is a small community in the middle of OKC, where my grandparents live.  My family has been going to this parade since I was a small child, and it’s a fun tradition.  We always see people we know, like past teachers and grade-school friends in the parade.  And, there are great floats, like the carwash that hands out free wash tokens while their employees march with water guns and squirt the crowd or the ladies from Jazzercise who do their routine the entire parade route.  We were all a little disappointed the classic John Deere tractors were missing this year.  Eli is just learning about lollipops and had fun catching candy- he was pleased that he got several Dum Dum pops. I can’t wait to take Jack next year!
Afterwards, Chris and his mom met us at my aunt and uncles for a brisket lunch.  We spent most of the day there.  My mom was excited to watch Jack that evening so we could go watch fireworks with Savannah, Brad and Eli, but a storm hit the city and the fireworks were cancelled.  We lost power for a brief peroid, so we just called it a night and went to bed!
Happy 4th!

Happy 4th!

Jack and I have been enjoying our days at home.  We run errands, visit friends, take naps (him more than me) and keep up with the chores.  I have one week of maternity leave left, then it’s back to work.  Boo!  I look forward to more routine in our life, finding a schedule that works for us, and more adult interaction, but I dread taking Jack to daycare.  I think we’ve picked a good place that will take great care of him, but that still doesn’t make it any easier!  We are just going to make the most of this last week and take the rest one day at a time.
Jack and his new friend Poppy

Jack and his new friend Poppy



  1. I’m so glad I found your blog!! Jack is such a little cutie=)

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