Posted by: mccordalliance | July 2, 2009

One Month!

Jack turned one month old on Monday, June 29th.  We celebrated with, well, really nothing special!  Chris is off work this week, so the three of us have been pretty much hanging out at the house, napping and just enjoying the cool air (the highs have been 100+ here).  Chris hung out with Jack last night so I could enjoy a nice dinner with some girlfriends.  It was really great to have some girl time and catch up with my friends.  Today, they hung out again so I could get my hair done.  Someone told me to be sure and make time for things like that, because it makes me happy, and happy mommy=happy family!  I cut my hair into a shoulder-length bob, which has been described to me as “mom hair.”  I’m not sure what that means entirely, but I’m a mom now, so I’m good with it.

We are gearing up for an exciting 4th of July involving family, food and swimming.  Not sure about fireworks this year with Jack, but I’m sure it will be fun no matter what we do.  Minus the heat.

One Month Old

One Month Old


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