Posted by: mccordalliance | June 26, 2009

Say Cheese

Jack had his first photo shoot last night.  The talented Tiffany Webb (www.tiffanywebbphotography) came over to shoot newborn pics of Jack.  I was concerned that he wouldn’t cooperate and we wouldn’t get any shots, but he was great!  He was really calm when she arrived, so we took some shots of the three of us, then it was all about Jack.  We did shots in his nursery, with his wild things, and some more artistic shots.  Tiffany was very patient, and I can’t wait to see how they turn out!

Jack is four weeks old today!  He’s definitely growing- he has chubby cheeks now!  He looks like a baby angel.  He is out of his preemie clothes and can wear most of his cute newborn items now.  We are total homebodies, so most evenings are spent hanging out with Jack at the house.  Glammy has been coming over most nights this week to hang out while Babba is in Alaska.  It’s been fun to hang out with her so much, except that Jack goes right to sleep when she holds him, so sleeping at night has been challenging this week.  He slept much better last night though, so hopefully we are finally learning what works and sometime soon, we will all get more sleep!

Testing out his activity mat

Testing out his activity mat



  1. Jack is so cute, and I love all your comments! Congrats to you and Chris. The 1st 3 months are the hardest. I don’t have any great parenting advice for you – sounds like you are taking it all in stride.

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