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Jack’s Second and Third Weeks

Jack has been such a busy boy, and his parents as well, because they can’t seem to keep up on posts.  I promise, we won’t post a week-by-week account for Jack’s entire life!

Jack’s second week took him to the doctor’s office- again.  This was a follow-up to his hospital stay.  His jaundice looked so good, Dr. Schrader didn’t even do another test of the level.  Yay- no more heel pricks!  His temp is staying regulated.  He weighed 6 pounds- just 1 oz short of his birth weight.  After a discussion, mommy and Dr. Schrader opted to switch to formula.  Breastfeeding was difficult and frustrating for me, and I was really concerned about how much Jack was getting to eat- he needs to bulk up!  Everyone is adjusting well to bottles, and Dad can even feed now!  Afterwards, we had to make a trip to Babies R Us- we didn’t like the bottles we had selected.  We exchanged them for Dr. Brown’s- so far so good despite all the parts to clean- I feel like I am always washing bottles!

We had more visitors that week too- my mom spent a whole day with us.  Greg brought us a delicious steak dinner and hung out with Jack for a while on Tuesday.  The next night, Elizabeth brought Hideaway Pizza and I had a great time chatting with her.  Jack was being entertained by more visitors that night- my mom (again!  Glammy can’t get enough of Jack!), my uncle Dan and his friend Misty.  Pat and Tina brought a fantastic (homemade!) Mexican spread over Thursday night.  We are so blessed to have such amazing friends and family that are taking care of us!

Thursday, the day before Jack’s 2-week birthday was the biggest day yet!  Jack was having a hard time passing the state-mandated hearing screen.  This measures brain waves in response to certain sounds- sounds that will help with his speech down the road.  He took in twice before we left the hospital, and both times his left ear failed.  We rescheduled for the next week, and took the test during our second hospital stay.  The left ear started out strong, but in the middle, stopped responding and failed again.  The next step would be to visit a pediatric audiologist and do some actual tests, but the tester at Mercy was confidnet that Jack just had some leftover fluid that was causing the fail.  So, she wanted to test one more time.  She’s a smart woman- he passed both ears this time!  We got a certificate and are so happy!  After his test, I took Jack to my office to meet the ladies at work.  They were so excited to meet him, and we had a great time sitting around the conference room, passing Jack around for them to hold and love on.  


His 2-week birthday was another big day.  Marla came to visit over bagels from Panera, and then Jack had his first playdate!  Two friends from high school, Kelly and Cheryl, came over for lunch-  and Kelly brought her baby boy, Gavin.  Gavin is exactly 4 weeks older than Jack and they are going to have so much fun playing and growing up together!  The boys slept most of the time while us girls caught up over chips and queso, but we had fun holding the boys. 

Gavin and Jack's playdate

Gavin and Jack's playdate

 Jack and I made a trip to Target- and he was so good!  It was our first time at a store without Chris, and I was terrified he would be the screaming child that you can hear throughout the whole store, but he pretty much slept through it all.  That night, Jack went to his first party- a cookout at Greg and Jen’s.  There were tons of kids there, and eventually, Jack is going to have a blast playing with all the friends kiddos.  But, this time he slept most of the time.  He got a little agitated at the end of the night- probably overstimulated with all the noise and people, so it was time to go home.  Overall, he was great, and it was fun for us to spend an evening with friends.

Jack’s third week meant more people for him to meet!  Cari brought over Hideaway Pizza on Monday night and we had fun chatting while she loved on Jack.  On Tuesday, I took him to meet my friends at the Arts Council.  All the ladies and Peter thought he was wonderful, and we enjoyed our visit.  Afterwards, Jack had his first trip to Sonic!  He was too tired to eat any tots.  Then, I took him up to Chris’s work to meet the guys there.  We showed him off to everyone, and Chris was beaming the whole time.  He is one proud Daddy!

On Wednesday, we were back at the pediatrician’s office.  They all know us on a first name basis by now!  This time was for his 2-week well child check.  The biggest achievement- he had gained 12 oz!  He now weighs 6lb 12oz and is 20 inches long.  He is growing!  Everything else was healthy, and Dr. Schrader said the jaundice is gone.  The formula switch worked for us- he’s eating on a manageable schedule, and gaining weight.  Yay!  We don’t have to go back until August- that’s a long time for us, since we’ve seen Dr. Schrader nearly 10 times since Jack was born!  After that, Grandma Pat came over to hold Jack, we took Jack to meet the gals who do Daddy’s hair (Jack has so much hair, they will probably be doing his soon!) and then Angela and Delores came over to love on Jack.  Thursday, Jack and I had a big adventure to Wal-Mart and Jack started screaming.  He obviously loves Target more!

Jack turned 3 weeks old on Friday, June 19th.  The next day, he attended his first birthday party.  Dane turned 2 and it was a safari party.  As usual, Jack slept through the party, but did enjoy being held by his surrogate grandmother, Marj.  I can’t wait until Jack is big enough to enjoy these events.  There are just so many kids!  Between the core group of Chris’ friends, there are 8 kids and one on the way, ranging in age from 4 months to 7 years old and they all have so much fun when they are together.  I know Jack will have a blast with all of them.

The Birthday Boy Dane!

The Birthday Boy Dane!

Today we celebrated Chris’s first Father’s Day!  We had a family breakfast at my mom’s house, and got to celebrate my grandfather, Pappa, my stepdad Charles, and Chris.  I think this is a really special day, and I’ve been really sentimental today.  I’m in awe that Chris and I created this precious little being.  Sometimes, it’s challenging, like when he wants to scream at night instead of sleep, but I know that it’s going to be rewarding beyond imagination.  We are just beginning this parenthood game, but I think we are going to love it.  We can’t wait to show Jack the world.

Grandma McCord and Jack

Grandma McCord and Jack


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