Posted by: mccordalliance | May 20, 2009

Puppy Love

I love our dogs Owen and Naismith.  You might know that I had an irrational fear of dogs most of my life.  Like, wouldn’t go outside if I saw a dog, completely froze if one came near me, had major freakouts.  Then, in 5th grade, we took in a sweet Lhasa Apso named Gizmo.  She was a great dog, and helped me become more comfortable around dogs, but I was still really nervous around big dogs and dogs that I didn’t know.  So, then I met Chris and he told me about his lab Owen.  We will both tell you that the first time I met Owen, I was a little afraid of him.  He was 120 pounds of brown fur barrelling towards me!  But, I soon learned that he’s nothing but a big sweetheart.  He’s laid back, lazy and as sweet as can be.  He doesn’t know how big he is, and loves to lay on the chair or bed, right on Chris or I.  He is a happy dog, and loves to be where we are.  He loves to carry toys around- he doesn’t want to play with them or play fetch- just carry toys around in his mouth.  He often searches for just the right toy- he’ll run to the pile, then run to the yard, looking for that certain toy.  Too cute! 

We took in Naismith (or Mippy as he’s more frequently called) about a year ago.  His owners were moving and couldn’t take him.  He and Owen were puppies together, so it seemed natural for us to take him in.  Although I had to be convinced- I thought he was crazy and two big dogs would be too much.  We brought him home anyway, and after breaking a window and chewing up all the screens, he’s adjusted.  He his happy- I swear this dog smiles!  He has all the energy that Owen doesn’t- he runs laps around the yard and loves to grab toys and chase them around the room.  He wants to be petted all the time, and loves to nudge his head under your had to make sure you know he’s there and are constantly petting him.  He’s super sweet- he loves to lay beside me and get all the pets he can.

These guys always greet me at the door, and no matter what, are excited to see me.  I love coming home to their happy faces and tails, and I feel sad when I leave in the mornings and they walk to the door with me and cock their head to the side, wondering why they can’t go.  I spend way too much time watching them play in the yard- Mippy loves to pester the dogs on the other side of the fence, and Owen loves to chew.  He holds his chewie in his paws like little hands.  They are both great dogs and bring lots of joy to our house.  I am shocked that I’ve become one of those people who loves their dogs so much, but look at them- how can you not?! 

Mippy and Owen

Mippy and Owen


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